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Ron Alford. Founder of Disaster Masters What doctors do for broken bones and stuff I do for people who suffer massive clutter.

 I only deal with people who are at least a 5-plus on the Clutter Scale. — Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters®

Ron Alford. Founder of Disaster Masters We have over 30 years experience managing contents with compassion and understanding.

We communicate with third parties, so you don’t have to.

We address the entire clutter issue. We do not use storage units or other types of “containerized procrastination.’

We examine every envelope, every pocket in every discarded garment. Every item and every box where documents and valuables might be forgotten.  —Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters®

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We have helped thousands of hoarders, messies, clutterers since 1980. Disaster Masters® helps clients break their hoarding habit.

We are experienced life planning coaches. We don’t just clear messes and clutter. We help our clients enjoy clutter-free, productive lives.

We create a personalized plan to recover valuable documents, money, memorabilia that hoarders, clutterers, messies never expected to see again.

How Do We Do It?



It starts with one pile of garbage. Victims live in a small space, because their spouse filled their cluttered residence with hoarded possessions.

We have witnessed hundreds of spouses who are the victims of their husband or wife’s behavior. Hoarding and clutter causes depression and isolation.

However, they enable their spouses to continue cluttering.

Are you a victim?



We never start a project, if we cannot guarantee results. Details matter. We must examine the residence, and learn how to find and recover valuables.

We work with clients and who ready and willing to change their living areas, and their lives. We do not judge. We understand the hardships of changing a lifestyle. We conduct background checks on our team, to safeguard your valuables.

Our goal is life transition management.

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Ron Alford. Founder of Disaster Masters The environment of someone who clutters may resemble the environment of a hoarder, but in fact they have few if any irrational fears parting with things.

The term Disposophobia describes the entire spectrum of these rational and irrational fears of getting rid of stuff. — Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters®

A hoarder’s nightmare. It will blow your mind.

A hoarder’s worst nightmare is anyone who will enter their property, take charge and remove their belongings.

Hoarders have filthy kitchens. See for yourself.

Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters® has seen the filthiest kitchens. Not for those with weak stomachs.

Dangerous at any speed. Game Over.

Hoarding spreads like a virus. A hoarder is not limited to their residence. Let’s examine a hoarder’s car.